The value of consultation and collaboration in workplace design

At EDB, our workplace design and build process is defined by five distinct stages: Consult, translate, design, build & deliver. Of those steps, we believe that none are quite as important as the first.

We adopt a personal approach to our services. Perfecting the consult stage of any project is paramount to its eventual success. Here, we break down what the process entails and why we put it at the heart of what we do.

What it means

Put simply, the consulting process is all about getting to understand you better. Conversation topics include what you feel sets your business apart in the market. During these conversations, we want to understand your ambitions for growth and expansion. Vitally too, this is where we’ll ask you what you need from your new workspace and why. The consulting process is defined by you talking, and us listening.   

Wherever possible, we sit down with our clients in a face-to-face setting for friendly conversations to get to know your business on a more personal level. These conversations help us populate our palette with the perfect colours to paint your workspace canvas with. Workplace design never comes packaged in ready-made solutions, we want create schemes with the specific client in mind, and them alone. So, these conversations help us gain all the information we need to get designing.

Why consultation matters

From our experience, there are infinite responses to: “We need a new workspace!”  The consult process helps us whittle down the options to just a small handful. That way, every inch of a scheme’s aesthetics and functionality are primed for your business, staff, ways of working and brand values. They are personalised to reflect you as a business and the needs of your staff.

Perhaps you want your new space to better support the comfort and wellbeing of your workforce. We’ll turn that understanding into a scheme that delivers a variety of working spaces where to suit different tasks, which puts creativity, collaboration, and individualism at the forefront. Or, if you’re after a scheme that supports your staff across a variety of tasks, we can look to colour psychology to evoke the right emotions in the right spaces too.

The better we understand you,  the more refined a workspace we can deliver to make your day-to-shine.

Going one step further

Our personal, people-first approach to workspace design takes us one step further than our competitors. Often, we’ll visit showrooms with our clients and explore furniture and finish options together. In these moments, we feel we get an even better understanding of what kind of designs and features catch your eye and make you excited. Blending that wide-eyed excitement with our industry expertise as to what can help make a design work on paper and in practice allows us to deliver the best results. After all, we’re designing your workspace. So, you should have a close involvement in the key decision processes that come to define how your space looks and feels.

Your workspace needs to feel yours, because, without these consultation conversations and showroom visits, that becomes a much harder challenge.  

That’s why we take a personal approach to understanding you and your needs. It’s a crucial step on the road to creating, not just any workspace, but your perfect workspace.

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