Jeni Wilkie

How to design your office in line with the latest trend of hotelification

Workplace hotelification is sweeping the corporate world, as more businesses choose flexible workspaces over traditional offices. The demand for flexible workspaces is consistently increasing, with 42 per cent of corporate occupiers planning to use a flexible space more within the next three years. Designing your office in line with the latest trend of hotelification involves […]

How to maximise a small office space: 10 expert tips

Research has found that 83% of businesses now want employees back in the office, so companies must prioritise having a welcoming and well-designed workplace to help ensure that employees want to come and work in the space. However, an office doesn’t need to be big, as long as it is well-designed. According to a recent […]

How to Design a Sustainable Office

In today’s business landscape, sustainability is paramount, with companies increasingly recognising its significance. In 2023, 63 per cent of executives agreed that the business case for sustainability is clear, which was triple the percentage of executives in 2022. Business owners are now making a conscious effort to embed more planet-friendly practices into their day-to-day operations […]

How to Design a Functional and Relaxing Breakout Space for Your Office

Employees are now coming back into the office more frequently, but they still desire an element of home comfort. An office breakout space is the perfect section of the workplace to create a comfortable area and welcome workers back to the office. By carefully considering the furniture, lighting and layout choices for breakout areas, employees […]

Neurodiversity in the Workplace: How to Design an Inclusive Office

In today’s business landscape, fostering an inclusive work environment that benefits employees is vital. At EDB our design team specialises in crafting office spaces that meet the diverse needs of your workforce, helping them to achieve their full potential. It is estimated that 1 in 7 people in the UK are neurodiverse, meaning that their […]

Dressed to impress: How workplace design can give businesses a competitive edge

The design process is the third phase of our five step process into delivering cutting edge workspaces for our clients. It follows the consult and translation phases, where we learn about the client, what they want from their workspace and how that can be made a reality. Once we have a clear understanding of what […]

Designing for every sector

In the world of workspace design, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it. Each sector demands a distinct and specialised touch, presenting a challenge we enthusiastically embrace. From the warm and inviting ambiance of hospitality spaces to the pristine environment of medical facilities, these two extremes may seem like polar opposites in terms of design […]

What are the key aspects of lab space layout and design?

If the UK’s life science sector is to continue to make life-changing innovations, it needs empowering workspaces to operate from. With the life science sector alone employing over 280,000 people, a 13% increase from 2018’s employment figures, the need for more lab spaces has become apparent. It’s complex but ultimately highly rewarding work. With approximately […]