Bringing designs to life: the importance of the build stage

Once our clients are happy with the final drawings and visuals from the design stage, the next step is the build phase. This stage marks the physical transformation of the office space, where the creative vision becomes a reality. It is the key stage when designing and outfitting a new office or renovating and breathing life back into an old space. The build phase is the final step, following the translation and design stages and preceding the final occupancy phase, where our clients can move in and enjoy their new space.

What it means

At EDB, there are no limits, as we tailor our projects to suit each client’s unique needs, drawing from our experience across a wide range of sectors, including life sciences, hospitality, co-working spaces, and corporate fit-outs.

During the build phase, various construction, installation and project management activities are carried out, such as the demolition and removal of existing structures, the building of partition walls, decorating, adding flooring, specifying and procuring furniture and furnishings, and installations of lighting and M&E (mechanical and electrical). By overseeing each phase of the project, as well as managing ongoing costs and timelines, we alleviate the stress and give clients peace of mind that their new workspace will be delivered efficiently and to the highest standards.

Championing sustainability

Throughout our projects, we always strive to be as sustainable as possible during the build phase, and an example of this commitment would be our work with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). For this build, we utilised carbon-neutral flooring and a portable media unit which were both made from 48% recycled material and were 99.35% recyclable. Furthermore, all desks, storage, and planter units were also made from sustainable sources of materials, while the chairs and acoustics booths incorporated recycled materials.

By implementing sustainable practices, businesses can reduce pollution, conserve energy and water, and protect ecosystems. This not only benefits the planet and preserves biodiversity for future generations, but it also helps cut costs in the long run and enables businesses to meet internal CSR and sustainability targets.

Why it matters

The build phase is the final stage where the project’s design plans are brought to life. It requires coordination among our team of contractors, which we project manage every step of the way to ensure that the office space is constructed according to the design specifications and within the established timeline and budget.

Upon completion of the build phase, the office is then ready for the final occupancy phase, where employees can move in and start using and enjoying the newly outfitted workspace.

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