Why our translation process is pivotal to your new workspace

Once we understand your business and what is needed from your new space from the consulting process, we set about translating those learnings into tangible designs.

This is where we turn your ambition into a series of designs to demonstrate the different ways your new workspace can deliver your needs whilst echoing your brand identity. It is a vital stepping stone on the way to designing, building, and delivering the perfect space for our diverse array of clients.

What it means

We don’t believe in set templates for successful workspace design. With a specific set of goals in mind, there are many ways we can deliver solutions for you. As such, the translation process exists to help our clients understand the numerous ways we can bring their project to life. It’s a vital step towards creating a final design that you and your staff love visually and performatively.  

Why translation matters

Due to the many possible approaches we can take, the translation process is vital in giving you context and choice. Typically, each design we put forward will adopt a very specific focus. Presenting you with differing interpretations of how to deliver the kind of space you need allows us to gauge a greater understanding of what excites you and your team the most.

Conversely, this stage isn’t just about seeing what features, layouts, and thematic choices you connect with. It’s equally as important to see what doesn’t work for you. Learning why assists us in tweaking the design to make sure every square inch of your new, tailor-made workspace, is reflective of your brand and ambitions.

A key element of this phase is defined by problem-solving. Working from the detailed brief we curate from our consultation conversations; we start to provide solutions. Sometimes there can be a disconnect between what looks and feels fantastic and what performs to the highest standard. Open discussions with our clients can help refine the designs to make sure they work in harmony with the way your business and your workforce operate. It’s about putting your staff at the centre the project and ensuring the design delivers everything your business needs to be successful.

Lost without translation

Without this process of presenting and refining ideas, we would not be creating a space that was definitively yours. Nothing is more important to us than delivering spaces which are an extension of your brand. A well-designed workspace ensures your business stands out in a competitive market.   

In many cases, our clients love different aspects of the solutions we present to them. As such, the second stage of the translation process allows us to take a holistic look at the designs and align them with your feedback. This often results in a ‘best of both worlds’ approach as we meld the best elements of the designs together. However, we must do this carefully. It’s vital that the two schools of thought do not conflict with one another visually or are counteractive functionally. For that, open conversations are vital in guiding us to a result which operates fluidly.

Lastly, we present a scheme that is wholly unique to your brand. We ensure your space has the wow factor you need, whilst also making sure the day-to-day work life of your team is enhanced. Through carefully curated layouts, spaces, and technologies, we make your new space one staff feel excited to work in. Without the translation process in our project management approach, your business’s new space would not be tailored to the finite detailed level we strive for. At EDB, we take our time to be sure the final scheme elevates your business.

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