Harrow Green - CAT A & CAT B Works

Harrow Green is one of the UK’s leading business relocation companies.


One of the UK’s leading business relocation companies, Harrow Green, were working with a client’s relocation to Cambridge.

A 10 year property lease and an investment of close to quarter of a million pounds shows Harrow Green were taking their new offering very seriously indeed.

But first things first, the new premises needed a full Cat A and Cat B fit out. Harrow Green needed a project fit out partner to help with the scope of the project.


Initial consultations were held with Toby Swain, General Manager, and other stakeholders within Harrow Green. We listened to their thoughts, opinions and their requirements for their new site, and carefully directed and guided them through the design and specification needed for the premises.

We produced 3d concepts before project sign off to communicate clearly the design and vision we had for the project.

Scope of Work

The following tasks were provided for the client:

  • Mechanical & electrical works
  • Fire-rated suspended ceiling with led light panels
  • Meeting rooms with single glazed partition and bespoke manifestation
  • Design & Build offices and kitchens
  • Ground floor breakthrough space
  • Fire-rated oak veneer doors
  • Flooring consisting of a mix of vinyl and carpet tiles

Furthermore, we also designed and implement a plug-and-play environment for the client’s own furniture.

Eatock Design and Build also recommended and installed brand new office furniture to help create a modern and contemporary working space, to create a positive work environment for employees and to help make the best impression for visiting clients.

As always, the voice of the client was at the forefront of everything that we did from start to finish to ensure the layout, design, and installation process was inline with specific requirements.

The element of the vinyl and carpet tiles was a particular stand-out feature of the work we completed, as well as the design and build of offices and kitchens to the mezzanine level.


Toby Swain comments,

Our CEO from group level has already been out to site to look at what we’ve done with the space as he’s been really impressed with what he’d seen.

In the end there’s rarely a single factor that will win a project. It’s a combination. Paul’s willingness to listen, to be flexible, to think creatively, to offer genuine value for money and the fact that he was a known, trusted quantity, combined to make Paul the obvious fit out partner.

His expertise and advice, things that wouldn’t normally be on your radar, it’s important - people see the look and feel of the end result but it’s the stuff you don't see, your wiring, your data connections, the plugs and the little attention to detail that really added value.

The key thing I needed was someone I could trust to come in and take away the design and build headaches. I’ve got my day job to do as well - he took a lot of pressures away and managed to get on with it.

We’ll continue to build the relationship as we refurbish our existing sites and add new locations - without a doubt - what I already knew of Paul was reassuring, but what he did was outstanding and only underlined his quality."

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