Relocate or refurbish? How to achieve the perfect office makeover

As the new year takes hold, many businesses find themselves thinking about new ways to refresh their workspace and boost productivity to start the year off. The decision-making process might seem daunting, especially when considering whether to relocate your office or embark on a comprehensive refurbishment.

A change of Scenery: The power of relocation

Relocating your office, whether to a different part of town or a new city entirely, offers a range of benefits that can transform your business. These include access to a new talent pool, as a prime location can be a magnet for skilled professionals, as well as improved infrastructure – both of which are invaluable assets to businesses.

A new location can also dramatically boost your business’ accessibility and visibility. A strategically chosen location can reduce commute times for your team and provide easy access to restaurants, shops, bars, and other amenities, making your office an attractive place to work.

Supporting growth: The path for expanding businesses

As your business thrives and your scale and team size expand, accessibility becomes crucial. Growing businesses often find themselves in need of more space, and a new location allows you to secure the additional space necessary to accommodate your growing team, as well as provide room for storage and equipment.

Seamless relocation

We understand that relocating an entire office can be stressful. At EBD, we take pride in keeping our promised deadlines and offering effortless move management services. We tailor the scheme of work to suit your needs, ensuring that your new space is up and running according to your desired timescales. We understand that your workspace is your central hub of operations, and so we’re here to handle the time-consuming tasks of move management so that you can focus on your business.

Refurbishing your workspace: Embracing the modern office

If you’re considering moving your office, you may also want to think about an office refresh. A thoughtful office refurbishment aimed at creating a fresh and inspiring work environment can work wonders in many ways, such as boosting morale and creativity.

Modern office designs can also impress clients and partners, as an aesthetically pleasing office can leave a positive impression by showcasing your commitment to excellence and innovation. Offices are continually evolving with modern designs, including open floor plans, collaborative spaces, ergonomic furniture, and advanced technology, all of which enhance communication and productivity.

Successful offices prioritise well-being, incorporating elements like natural light, vibrant colours that match branding, and flexible workstations to encourage creativity and support employees’ health. Additional amenities like breakout areas, games rooms, and wellness spaces also create a positive working environment. Many of our clients are choosing eco-friendly office designs, not only to save costs but also to protect the Earth’s resources. Navigating the world of sustainable workspace design can be complex, however, it is made simpler when you work with design and build experts who can help you find the best solutions.

Make it personal: Express your brand

When it comes to relocating, refurbishment, or doing both, personalisation is key. Whether it is office branding, a strong and consistent colour scheme, or utilising signs and branding elements, there are many ways to reflect and embody your company’s identity within your workspace. You can also showcase your commitment to your staff and teamwork by incorporating more social spaces into your office design.

The new year offers an opportunity for a fresh start in your office, and the key is to create a workspace that aligns with your brand, promotes well-being, and enhances productivity. So, whether you opt to relocate, refurbish, or take both paths, EBD is here to help you navigate this journey, ensuring a seamless and efficient transformation for your business.

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