10 years of Wigan Youth Zone

As Wigan Youth Zone celebrates its 10th birthday, we look at what its incredible work means for the community.

At EDB, we recognize that a building holds more significance than a mere physical structure; it embodies the life and vitality of those who pass through it. After a decade, Wigan Youth Zone has evolved beyond just a building. It stands as a charitable organization fuelled by the aspiration to empower the next generation of the community to unleash their full potential. The charity has touched and improved the lives of countless young people that have walked through its doors over the last decade.

As Wigan locals, we’re proud to have supported this incredible cause since our inception in 2020. Whilst that year was a tricky period to launch a new business, for the community’s most vulnerable young people, it became an extremely complex and challenging time. Those challenges resonated with us, which is why we believe so strongly in supporting the charity in any possible way.

What is Wigan Youth Zone?

Situated in the heart of Wigan town centre, the charity is a place of opportunities for young people to learn new skills, gain confidence and employability as they work towards their adult lives. It’s a place for making connections and breeding inclusivity; somewhere for young people to be heard.

The building is home to a gym, a climbing wall, outdoor sports pitches and even a skate park. All these spaces encourage fitness, healthy lifestyles and team working. There are art, fashion, design, music, and media facilities to allow young people to express themselves and find their creative voice. It also features a canteen selling healthy and affordable meals.

What impact does Wigan Youth Zone have on young people?

Wigan Youth Zone teaches the community’s most vulnerable young people valuable life skills. Through employability and confidence-building workshops, as well as outreach programmes to facilitate the individual growth and development of Wigan’s young minds. As of today, its services have been accessed almost 740,000 times, by over 32,000 people. We have been proud patrons of the life-changing charity since 2020.

The charity talks of ‘lightbulb moments’ happening for its young people. These are moments when they start to make positive steps to get their life back on track. It describes the moment these young people see their true potential and works towards overcoming the barriers in front of them for a brighter tomorrow. Its services are designed to ensure that, for each of its young people, lightbulb moments shine a new light on their lives.

Having worked closely with Wigan Youth Zone for three years and seeing the life-changing work it so passionately does, we know those moments are vital turning points in the lives of the community’s most vulnerable young people.

That’s why we’re proud Wigan Youth Zone supporters and applaud their decade-long success.

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