Eco Surv – office furniture and fit out project

Transforming an empty space into a vibrant office with new office furniture, storage options and biophilic designs to create a better working environment


When ECO Surv moved into their new office space in Chorley, Lancashire, they had a blank canvas to work with and develop, to inspire their growing team.

Nathanial Butters, Director at ECO Surv, approached Eatock Design & Build to transform their office space which reflected the company’s culture and strong growth plans. It was important to design a space that could incorporate a growing team.


Nathanial Butters, Director, commented,

“We had a blank canvas and needed it filling. In our previous office space we didn’t have much in the form of meeting rooms. Here, we needed a space that was flexible and that could cater for the different functions of the business - software development team, support, meeting rooms, sales and business development, operations”

From initial discussions it was clear we had to develop a space that not only provided a positive initial impact, but was able to accommodate a growing team.

Because of this the design of the interior space, together with the office furniture options were crucial in achieving a long-term success for the business.

The brief was to design an office interior space that inspired creativity and collaboration in the workforce, but at the same time helped them to focus.

Scope of Work

At the initial stages of the project we provided 2D layout drawings and visualisations, to ensure clarity and so the client could see exactly what our plans were for their office space.

Once the concept designs were approved, the team at Eatock Design and Build set to work to really transform the empty space.

Here is the scope of works provided:

- New office furniture

- Acoustic panels and hanging batons

- Storage and biophilic design elements

- 2D layout drawings and visualisations

It was important to make the best use of the open office space and create different zones, to help the different departments within ECO Surv. So the support team had different space and functional requirements compared with the software development team, where it was crucial for them to focus in their own space.

This is where the zones added value and provided a sense of specific areas for the team. Then the acoustic panels and hanging batons helped reduced reverberations and overall background noise.

Storage units were placed centrally in the office space which not only provided handy storage for the team, but also housed biophilic design elements such as plants, to help boost the mood and improve the wellbeing of the team.

ECO Surv office furniture and fit out project


The team at Eatock Design & Build relishes opportunities such as what ECO Surv presented, where there is a complete blank canvas to work with. To see a space develop into something that really fits the business’ needs is really rewarding, and not only that but the freestanding office furniture is able to scale as the business grows.

Nathanial Butters, Director,

“We’re a team of 35 but in the next 12 months we are aiming to double that. In terms of how we split the space up with various elements such as the acoustic panels and acoustic floating batons, it helps our different teams to concentrate on their own jobs and not be disturbed by background noise. The acoustic features have helped to split the open office up but provide privacy to help concentration levels.

I’d highly recommend Paul and the guys, it was a great experience from start to finish.”

Jeni Wilkie, Director of Eatock Design & Build, comments,

“We’ve added value to EcoSurv by providing them with a furniture solution that is going to grow with them as they move premises. They are doubling their headcount every year and with that they need a bigger space, more furniture, and we’ve been able to help them achieve that.”

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