Chancerygate – Office fit out in Warrington

Creating an inspirational workspace has provided an engaging environment to share with clients & colleagues alike


Chancerygate is a commercial property developer, specialising in the industrial warehousing and logistics sectors.

With offices throughout the UK in Birmingham, London, Bristol and Warrington; the company has real aspirations for growth and to create real benefit for their people and the places and communities in which they operate.

Part of these plans included in refreshing their Warrington office. Their innovative and ‘people-first’ approach shone through with their desire to create a better working environment for their team based in Warrington.

They approached Eatock Design & Build to refurbish their office interior and help create a stylish and fun space to work and host clients.


Chris Brown, Development Manager, commented,

“The office was quite compartmentalised, so we wanted to open it out and create a nice, clean, open workspace. But also a space where people had different areas to breakout to work, so a meeting room, communal kitchen area so people don’t have to sit at their desk and eat their lunch.

We wanted to break up the space with planters and make it a little bit more fun.

It’s quite clear that Paul had a vision for the space which was in line with our own vision.”

Here are the project brief specifics:

- Open-plan design with breakout areas

- Dividing planter and other office plants

- New furniture

- New kitchen area

- Recreational area complete with pool table

- Feature lighting

- New flooring

Scope of Work

The office fit out project took 4 weeks in total. Clarity and a decisive schedule was key for us to get this completed for Chancerygate, as the timescale given to finish the project was tight.

Paul Eatock, Director of Eatock Design & Build, commented,

“Right from the beginning of the project, it was important to work out what Chancerygate’s goals were with the office fit out. So what did they want to achieve by refurbishing their office space?

After initial meetings with Chris and the team at Warrington, it was clear they wanted an office space to inspire their staff and also be proud of a space to bring their clients to, to have meetings and entertain.”

Eatock Design and Build re-designed the office space and opened up the main shell, to create a much more open and inclusive space to work. Within the space we created break out areas such as a meeting room, recreational space and a communal kitchen area.

We also helped to improve the aesthetics and design of the interior, placing a dividing planter in the middle of the office as well as other plants around the room; installed new flooring; specified feature lighting; created various ‘zones’ within the space including a meeting room, recreational space and kitchen area.


The team at Eatock Design & Build worked professionally to complete the job quickly and to a high standard.

Chris Brown, Development Manager, commented,

“We’re really happy with the office aesthetics, we think it’s really helped the productivity and it’s resulted in a better place to work.

We’re finding more and more of our clients wanting to meet us face to face and we want to see them face to face. It’s certainly a more productive relationship when that happens, and our new space allows such meetings to happen in a better environment that we previously had.

A couple of my favourite features include the pool table, it’s a great break out feature and allows us to have a bit of fun, and also allows us to have a bit of fun with the people who come to visit us too.

The other is the kitchen break out space, it’s a lot better to sit around there at lunch time.

Paul shone through with his enthusiasm. His openness and transparency and willingness to get the job done.

We needed someone with the experience and team to complete the project in a timeframe that was quite tight. Paul met all the timescales.

I would definitely recommend Eatock Design and Build, they delivered on time and on budget for us, which are always two crucial factors as to why we appoint anyone on a project.”

Just like with Chancerygate’s project, working with Eatock Design and Build ensures your office fit out project runs smoothly, on time and completely within budget.

We function as a general contractor and a single point of contact for your project, making things easier for you and allowing you to focus on running your business.

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