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We help businesses and their staff reach their full potential with amazing workspace design. Based in Manchester, Eatock Design and Build help businesses in Manchester and the rest of the UK create workspaces to inspire their staff.

10 Dec

Office fit out in Manchester

Our team of Paul and Jeni have a vision to design high performance workspaces for high performance teams.

We design and fit out offices for clients that are not just aesthetically stunning and highly functional, but also inspire collaboration, induce productivity, communicate brand messages and help businesses attract and retain the best talent.

Our design process is well-thought out and we'll outline a number of design concepts for you to select from. When you choose Eatock Design & Build, you can expect to work with a dedicated team of workplace strategists that are highly experienced in designing bespoke social spaces and functional workplace environments. In the post-covid world, workplace design is now more important than ever.

The changing workspace design

The last 18 months has changed people’s relationship with the workplace.

This has confronted many workplaces with new design challenges but when you work with our dedicated project managers, we help to design a workspace that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also one that attracts workers into the office.

Many business owners considered a workplace should be professional and practical, and placed more emphasis on the functionality of the space. Employees viewed the workplace as a place to carry out their jobs and meet with co-workers.

However, a post-pandemic workplace is looking like it will be considerably different. Businesses are having to adapt their office environments to be more attractive to their team members, helping them to transition back to the office with a more ‘resi-mercial’ design. Using residential influences into a commercial setting, so incorporating break out areas, stylish furniture, biophilic design and other design enhancements.

The idea here is to design a more human-centric workspace to increase the wellbeing levels of team members, making for a more happy and productive workforce.

Workspace design Manchester

Sustainable office design

Sustainable office design practices and materials are currently a huge influence in workplace design. As businesses, we need to do more to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future.

The offices we design and fit-out here at Eatock Design and Build are all conducted with sustainability at the core. Factors include LED lighting systems, high-efficiency systems, using low emissions and sustainably-sourced products, biophilic designed and optimised products to take advantage of natural light sources, and other features which lessens their environmental impact.

Our designs and ethos are pushing the boundaries of sustainability and are aligned with new social attitudes in a post-COVID world. We design workspaces in accordance with COVID guidelines – spacing out office desks and seating areas, integrating recycling bins in to kitchen and canteen areas, and also designing more storage facilities such as lockers and bicycle storage, with the increase in employees cycling to work.

Partner with us for your Manchester office design project

We help businesses to fit out and design their workspaces in three main steps.

The first step is to listen to your requirements and build the foundations of the project. Step two is translating the brief into an exceptional concept to bring to life your new office design. The third and final step is the fit out process, where we fully manage the process from start to finish.

Workplace Design Ideas Manchester

When it comes to workplace design ideas in Manchester, there is so much to choose from and consider. One of the best ideas that we recommend for brand new office spaces is to best optimise your office space which is becoming increasingly important. Functional working areas are important and flexibility is essential so that employees and staff members are able to work in a place that suits them. Private one-person pods and informal meeting spaces are particularly on the rise. Further popular workplace design ideas for 2022 and beyond include;-

  • Hybrid workspaces - It's no secret that hybrid working is a thing of the present. But one way to encourage employees into the office on a more regular basis is by creating hybrid the office. When designing your office, it's essential to think about the positioning of workspaces for collaboration and creative working.
  • Focus on wellbeing - After the pandemic, there is much more of a focus on health and wellness in the workplace. And this starts with a well-designed office design. One simple way to achieve this is by thinking green. Creating a healthier environment for all is absolutely essential for improving overall employee wellbeing, and therefore productivity.
  • Think ergonomics - There is growing evidence that sitting down for lengthy spells of time is detrimental to your health. Therefore, when considering workplace design in Manchester, it's paramount to consider alternate working options that may include stand-up desks, tall tables, and hybrid office spaces that encourage movement.
  • Relax spaces - Another thing to consider when implementing workplace office design is to ensure that there are relaxing spaces, places for staff members to grab a drink, and breakout space where staff can simply unwind. Creating these spaces within your office will reap benefits such as improved efficiency and productivity. These spaces create a more relaxed culture within the workplace that leaves workers feeling more respected and valued.

Case study: workspace design in Manchester for 33Legal

33Legal wanted to create a stylish and functional office space to help welcome their team back and ensure it was an easier transition for them. They approached Eatock Design and Build, and together we created a transformational space.

We designed a stunning open plan office design with various internal elements and break out areas. These included office/desk areas, meeting rooms, waiting area, media booths, board room and storage options.

Andrew Doyle, Director of 33Legal, commented,

“Paul veered me away from bad choices. It was essential. Without him we’d have had a bland two-dimensional office. Instead, we’ve ended up with something great. I don’t think there’s anything out there that’s better and he was 100% the driving force behind it.”

View the full office fit out case study for 33Legal here.

Workplace Design Manchester - Why Choose Us?

If you're looking for a company that can provide first-class workplace design in Manchester, look no further than Eatock Design & Build. We have been designing inspirational workplaces and offices for a number of years now and continue to offer an unrivalled service. Our case studies truly speak for themselves and you can browse the full list of case studies here. We are able to work with office managers, interior designers, and managing directors to ensure the highest quality office space.

We are able to work with office managers, interior designers, and managing directors to ensure the highest quality office space and propose extremely creative ideas. Moreover, our team is able to overcome all potential design challenges to ensure you are 100% happy with the end result. Moreover, our team at Eatock Design & Build have extensive experience working with cross-sector businesses.

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