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Why businesses are using biophilic design to improve staff morale

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Biophilic design has become a mainstay of workplace styling, mainly for improving employee wellbeing while creating beautiful, inspirational interiors

27 Jun

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What is biophilia and how does it improve staff morale?

Biophilia means a love of living things and nature. Theorists claim we are all born with an affinity for the natural world and other forms of life. Incorporating the natural world into our office environments brings health benefits such as lower stress levels and general mental wellbeing.

We know that walking in green spaces alleviates anxiety: biophilic design brings the health benefits of the outdoors in.

The first option that comes to mind with biophilic design is plants and greenery.

Yes, plants are an integral part of biophilic design – their benefits in the workplace are well documented – but biophilia is more than just plants.

Lighting – biophilic design uses lighting that replicates natural light, rather than stark overhead lighting that can cause headaches and discomfort.

Workplace styling and layout – styling that uses the shapes and patterns of nature and outdoor spaces is believed to improve mental health.

Use of natural materials – wood, stone and other natural materials are used in biophilic design in place of plastic or concrete.

Air quality – air-purifying plants and the use of air purifiers reduces pollution in the air.

Eatock Design and Build create inspirational office designs, and build and manage office fit-outs. Wherever possible we bring biophilic styling into our office designs to benefit our clients’ employees.

Here are some examples of our biophilic office designs

Chancerygate – office fit out in Warrington

The brief for this office fit out was to create an inspirational workspace that employees could be proud of.

We created a more open space that let in natural light, brought in feature lighting and installed a dividing planter in the middle of the office. Other plants were placed around the room.

Chancerygate – office fit out in Warrington

Eco Surv – office furniture and fit out project

Eco Surv wanted an office fit out that reflected the culture of the company and inspired creativity and collaboration.

As well as acoustic panels and hanging batons to reduce reverberations and overall noise, we added biophilic design touches including plants in the storage areas to soften the linear elements, boost mood and improve the wellbeing of staff.

Eco Surv – office furniture and fit out project

Meridian – office interior fit out in Manchester

At Meridian we were tasked with transforming a bland recruitment office into a fun, collaborative space.

With employee health and mental wellbeing as priorities, the client chose our designs that included greenery and plants. We delivered an open-plan office design with a dividing planter, along with feature lighting.

Meridian – office interior fit out in Manchester

Sano Physiotherapy – office fit out in Leeds

This project was to be completed to welcome the clinical and admin teams back to work after the COVID pandemic.

The client wanted a space that was sociable and collaborative. We installed a Crittall framed glass partition to open up the space and let in natural light, connecting the team with the outdoors.

The airy offices and recessed soft ceiling lights created the open, fresh ambiance the client was looking for.

Sano Physiotherapy – office fit out in Leeds

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