Project management and office refurbishments in Manchester

Project management and office refurbishments in Manchester

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The recent shift in how we work has made Manchester businesses consider the practicality of their existing offices. Many have since undergone office refurbishments to accommodate home and hybrid working or to lure workers back to the office.

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Project management and office refurbishments in Manchester

Eatock Design and Build project manage office refurbishments in Manchester and beyond, all with different practical requirements and design ideas.

Watch how we worked with 33Legal in Manchester city centre, helping them to refurbish and fit-out their new office space to attract and retain the best talent.

Factors to consider in your office refurbishment

There are many factors to consider when refurbishing your office space that can be broken down into three main elements: design, technology and teams.


Design is a fundamental factor to consider in your office refurbishment, covering aspects such as branding, colour, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Branding in your office refurbishment gives a powerful first impression to visitors and this will, of course, affect your use of colour. Your choice of office furniture will be influenced by the kind of dynamic and vibe you want to create.


Technology is now a primary consideration in an office refurbishment. With a focus on making life easier for employees, things to consider here are hardware, connectivity, wiring and creating a current, stylish environment. Effective sourcing and positioning of these will lead to greater productivity.


Your office refurbishment directly impacts your teams and vice versa.

Health and safety should be paramount in the design of your office refurbishment, including lighting, seating, breakout areas and so on. The size of your team and any potential increase or downsizing will influence your requirements so the refurbishment should provide an option to modify easily in line with the needs of the business.

Examples of our office fit-out projects in Manchester

33 Legal

This was a Cat B office fit-out project, so we were able to design the 6000sq ft office space from scratch.

The project was a 40 person open plan design that included two module office internal spaces, a breakout space, a waiting area, a boardroom, two meeting rooms, three collaboration media booths, sound-absorbing acoustic doughnuts and storage options with planters.

The refurbishment created a stunning workspace that helped the client to recruit top legal talent.

Office fit out project in Manchester

Capstone Financial

With square footage at a premium on this project we needed to maximise the space and focus on functionality without compromising design.

We converted the salon on the ground floor into two meeting rooms and a new reception area, providing a professional first impression to visitors. This was a full office fit-out so we specified and sourced furniture which transformed the space.

The client found the furniture to be good value when she compared prices.

Manchester office refurbishment

We’re a leading office refurbishment company in Manchester

Eatock Design and Build project manage and design office refurbishments across the city of Manchester as well as the rest of the UK.

Our clients benefit from our hands-on approach, receiving professional advice at every step. We use our experience, knowledge and problem-solving skills to manage our projects and provide flexible and cost-effective office fit-outs.

Get in touch with the Eatock Design and Build team to find out how we can project manage your Manchester office refurbishment.