Office design Manchester

Office design Manchester

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Office design in Manchester has seen significant change over the last decade, as a result of working trends and behaviours. At Eatock Design and Build we design and build high performance workspaces.

16 Feb

Office design Manchester

At Eatock Design and Build we design and build high performance workspaces, so we have been well placed to witness first-hand how workspace design in Manchester has evolved.

Particularly under the influence of design-led workspaces and employee-focused features like those notorious Google bean bags, businesses have become more creative in how they want their offices to look and feel.

Within office design, we offer a wide range of services including the design of meeting facilities, office reception areas, office entrance spaces, collaborative spaces, and more.

Other major influences on office design in Manchester are the ever-evolving skyline and influx of businesses and innovative entrepreneurs to the city.

In 2021 Manchester was awarded Most Entrepreneurial City in the UK by Instant Offices due to its 32% increase in the number of businesses registered in 2020. These businesses all need a base, so property developers and contractors involved in office design in Manchester have had to innovate and provide a wide range of prestigious office spaces to a discerning business community.

Office design Manchester

Office interior design Manchester

Office interior design in Manchester is focussed on how the space will be used more than ever before. With Manchester businesses looking to upscale and downscale at the drop of a hat many office interior designs are customisable with movable dividers and other flexible features.

The advent of hybrid and flexible working has also impacted the need for customised office interior design for Manchester businesses, as has the requirement for collaborative working. Companies need to react quickly to changes in work patterns or the requirements of major projects.

In the current skills shortage and candidate-driven recruitment market, smart office interior design in Manchester helps to attract the best candidates. This is crucial for the growth of Manchester businesses.

Our office design projects in Manchester

We approach our office design projects in Manchester with no pre-conceived ideas about what the client wants or needs. It’s a bespoke process that results in a workspace that offers both practical and design-led solutions.

33 Legal

33 Legal are located on Peter Street in Manchester city centre. The client wanted an office space that would inspire creativity and be somewhere the teams would be proud to work.

The brief was based on a 40 person open plan design with two module office internal spaces and a breakout zone. The client also wanted a waiting area, a twelve person boardroom, meeting room and collaboration media booths. We worked with the company branding to create stunning décor and features. The client declared it a “resounding success”.

Capstone Financial

For Altrincham based Capstone Financial we redesigned the interior and the office furniture specification to create a more professional and vibrant workspace, and to maximise the limited amount of space available.

We converted the ground floor into two smart meeting rooms and a new reception area to create a strong first impression to visitors. This also freed up vital administration space to accommodate a growing team. The client told us that we had “fulfilled [her] vision 100%”.

Transforming your office space with Cat A and Cat B fit out process

When transforming your Manchester office space with a fit out what process do you need? An office fit out will either be Cat A or Cat B:

  • A Cat A fit out (or Category A fit out) is when a space is made to be fully functional but it is left empty for a new occupant. This is usually undertaken for a landlord or owner who is getting the building ready to rent or sell.
  • A Cat B fit out (or Category B fit out) is when a space is redeveloped and customised for a particular tenant or owner.

How will a Cat A fit out transform your Manchester office space?

Your Manchester office will be left as a blank canvas but with mechanical and electrical services installed.

These will include lighting, air conditioning, toilets, raised flooring, painted perimeter walls, a grid ceiling with fitted lights and fire detection systems. A Cat A fit out leaves an office ready to sell or rent to occupants who can then create their customised workspace.

How will a Cat B fit out transform your Manchester office space?

A Cat B fit out presents the finished article for Manchester companies who want a space tailored to their own requirements.

From floorplans different rooms are created with partitions and doors. Branding is added to the space to make the offices bespoke to their occupant business. Floors are finished to an agreed specification. Lighting design is provided to accommodate both practical requirements and design-lead features.

Kitchens, social spaces and dining rooms are all included in a Cat B fit out, as well as furniture and décor including artwork on the walls. A Cat B fit out creates a branded office space bespoke to the needs of the company.

Office interior design Manchester

The future of ‘resimercial’ office designs

What is ‘resimercial’? Resimercial is a very recent development in office interior design in Manchester and other cities across the UK. It combines the words ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ to describe a trend in bringing home comforts and design to commercial workplaces.

Resimercial is a response to the increase in home and hybrid working as a result of the pandemic and the lifestyle changes that the new work patterns have created. It is a way of addressing the work/life balance of employees and their expectations of employers in addressing mental wellbeing.

The future of resimercial office designs in Manchester will be focused on recreating that homely feel in the office environment. Interior office design for Manchester businesses will increasingly consider textiles, warm colour and a range of textures in the likes of comfortable seating and homely accessories. Sofas, large cushions and tactile textiles will be popular along with accents such as plants, rugs, lamps and photo frames.

Resimercial spaces will have soft ambient lighting instead of the bright strip lights synonymous with the offices of previous decades, as well as flexible spaces with a range of surfaces to accommodate the needs of employees.

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