Office design and build Manchester

Office design and build Manchester

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Office design and build in Manchester is transforming workspaces across in the city. As Manchester continues to evolve as the business centre of the North with its impressive skyline and iconic buildings, tired and old offices are fast becoming a thing of the past.

03 Nov

Office design and build Manchester

In Instant’s recent report, Manchester was declared the most entrepreneurial city in the UK, with an impressive number of new business launches in 2020/2021. This ranks the city two places above London.

Manchester has therefore seen a gear change in office design and build, with businesses keen to provide office space that retains the best staff, increases productivity and keeps the company on-brand.

Pictured above: we helped create a stylish and functional office space for 33Legal on Peter Street, Manchester. Read the full case study here.

Office Design Manchester

Eatock Design and Build is an office design and build company based in the heart of Manchester. We work with interior designers, procurement and facilities managers, business owners, landlords, HR managers and office managers to deliver office design that transforms workspace interiors.

As an office design and build company we know that sustainability is a key factor in delivering both new builds and the refurbishment of existing offices. Our stunning office designs are bespoke to the needs of the client, focusing on productivity, functionality and brand identity.

We excel at project managing office design and build schemes. Being the intermediary between contractors and the client allows us to problem solve and make rounded decisions that positively impact the timescales and overall costs of the project.

The future of office designs in Manchester

The future of work looks very different to pre-pandemic times. This will directly impact the future of office designs in Manchester. Offering workers a split between home, remote and hybrid working, businesses need to adapt the office space to accommodate a range of needs without compromising the facilities and purpose of the on-site offices.

Pictured above: we carried out a Cat B fit out project for 33Legal on Peter Street, Manchester. Read the full case study here.

With many employees working from home, either completely or as a hybrid solution, office designs in Manchester will include a social breakout space to welcome these colleagues and encourage informal team building when they are on site. This is encapsulated by the term ‘resi-mercial’ where commercial are influenced more and more with residential styles and design.

Likewise, collaborative working will be a key consideration in office design so that both office-based and home-based colleagues can easily work together on projects, saving time and the cost of unproductive teams.

It is expected that the future of office designs in Manchester will continue to favour open plan layouts. However, partitioning is becoming increasingly popular as a versatile way to create privacy and identify specific areas. Partitions can be changed easily as the needs of the business change.

The use of social media to promote companies will encourage Manchester businesses to create an office design that is on-brand and social-friendly. Social media is used to show images and videos from the office that might simply be along the lines of ‘a day in the life’ or for promoting a current project. Company branding should feature in all office builds to create a consistent, professional identity across all social media and marketing.

Office Design & Build Manchester

In light of the pandemic, office design in Manchester since 2020 has increased its focus on user experience and wellbeing. Expert design, specification and implementation have never been more important.

Eatock Design and Build have been working on office design projects in Manchester for over 10 years. We either fully manage the project or work on site with other contractors.

It all starts with a FREE consultation where our team will take the time to get to understand your requirements before proposing the best solutions for your office fit-out or refurbishment. With working from home becoming more and more popular, it's more important than ever to create an appealing and comfortable space where your members of staff can work in a space that is truly attractive and helps to promote employee well-being.

Pictured above: we re-design the office space and supplied new furniture for 33Legal on Peter Street, Manchester. Read the full case study here.


33Legal, a central Manchester personal and criminal injury practice wanted to attract top talent. They understood that they would need an office environment of the highest quality to achieve it.

The project included two modular offices, a waiting area, a breakout space, a boardroom, two meeting rooms, three collaboration media booths, acoustic solutions and storage with planters.

Capstone Financial

Altrincham based Capstone Financial bought their rented building from the landlord, but space was at a premium so the ground floor was converted into meeting rooms and a new reception, giving the company smart client facing facilities.

With a building company already commissioned, Eatock Design and Build were asked to design the interior spaces. The project was delivered on budget, on brand and on time, despite complications and changing building timescales due to the COVID pandemic.

Pictured above: we re-designed the office space and supplied new furniture for Capstone Financial, Altrincham. Read the full case study here.

Office furniture suppliers Manchester

Eatock Design and Build are furniture suppliers in Manchester.

Office furniture is often considered a last minute ‘finish’ once the design and build has been completed. In fact office furniture suppliers in Manchester should be involved in the initial project designs so that the most productive and cost-effective items of furniture can be used.

Office furniture suppliers in Manchester must keep up with trends in redevelopment in the area, and supply furniture that suits the purpose of the business for the wellbeing of the workers and the productivity of the company.

Our team are able to supply all types of office furniture for your office fit our refurbishment including desks, chairs, office chairs, writing desks, conference chairs, file storage units, and much more. Whatever type of office furniture you need supplying and fitted, you can count on Eatock Design & Build.

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