Interior office design Manchester

Interior office design Manchester

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Interior office design has become a focus for businesses in Manchester. The city offers a diversity of architecture from magnificent traditional buildings to ultra-modern structures that adorn Manchester’s skyline.

20 Jan

Interior office design Manchester

Interior office design in Manchester increasingly reflects this cultural and architectural diversity of the city.

Businesses want interior office design that embraces their brand identity and provides a functional space that facilitates growth. This is where Eatock Design & Build can help.

In designing high performance work spaces, we help you create interior office design that meets the needs of your business.

We are an office design company able to work with your existing office space to implement interior design solutions that follow the very latest industry trends, and of course, your bespoke requirements.

Our design process is strategic and whilst we have numerous design ideas, we always listen to your requirements beforehand so that we can gather the full picture of what you're looking for.

Interior office design Manchester

Key considerations for your interior office design


Be clear on your budget from the start so that the designer can offer concepts that are affordable.

Decide on a layout

Space planning will help you to create an office that is ergonomically-focused, functional and efficient.

Think about tech

As part of your layout you need to incorporate your tech requirements such as Wi-Fi routers, the location of printers, space for AV equipment and where the server will be housed.

Ask the team

Get feedback from your team on what they would like in the interior design of the office. They may come up with some factors or challenges you hadn’t considered.

Get advice on lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference to the comfort of working in an office. Make use of natural lighting where possible, use a mix of lighting fixtures and avoid having dark spaces that can adversely affect the mood of staff.

Collaborative spaces

In interior office design, collaborative spaces are becoming increasingly more important, particularly with the rise in home and flexible working.

Relaxation and open spaces

Social areas in your interior office design with comfortable furniture and a range of soft furnishings will benefit staff. Open areas are also important to avoid overwhelming users with too much furniture and fittings in one space, and there should be plenty of walkways and spaces for gathering.

Watch our video which shows how we helped Manchester-based 33Legal with their office fit out project.

Office design and build services in Manchester

Our design services cover a multitude of services. Office design and build in Manchester covers a multitude of services. Office design and build is everything from the configuration of space to accommodate different work settings, such as collaboration spaces, dining and coffee areas and breakout zones, to furniture, soft furnishings and decoration.

Much of our design processes, undertaken by our highly-experienced project managers, are centred around your company culture and branding

Eatock Design & Build provides office design and build services in Manchester and surrounding areas. Our cost effective and environmentally conscious office designs are bespoke to the needs of our clients.

Workspace design Manchester - be inspired with our projects

Our workspace design Manchester projects demonstrate our commitment to interior office design that is aesthetically stunning, practical and motivational for workers.

For 33 Legal we upgraded the company’s office space with the brief to inspire creativity and productivity, and to attract the best talent to the business.

33Legal Manchester office design

Capstone Financial was an office redesign and furniture project that involved converting downstairs rooms into a reception area and two meeting rooms.

Capstone office interior design

Other interior design projects can be found here.

Why choose Eatock Design & Build?

Here at Eatock Design & Build, we are highly flexible in the fact that we're able to create bespoke office designs and offer a complete interior office design service. Over the years we have built extremely strong relationships with suppliers, clients, and other associates to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Our approach to office design is unique and your business objectives play a huge part in our process to ensure it's the perfect fit. When you choose Eatock Design & Build, you are guaranteed an exceptional client experience. Over the years, we have worked to create some amazing workplaces for creative industries, in particular.

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Eatock Design and Build offers office design and build services in Manchester. Get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help with your interior office design.