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Biophilic office design

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Biophilic office design is a concept that has been growing in popularity for many years

09 Sep

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Particularly since the COVID pandemic, the wellbeing benefits of biophilia have become well documented.

Office workers want to work in environments that replicate the comforts of home including a connection with the outdoors.

What is biophilic office design?

Biophilic office design is about bringing the outside in, but that doesn’t just mean having lots of plants and foliage around the office. Biophilic office design is a way of stimulating mindfulness and supporting wellbeing in a work environment that can often be stressful and demanding.

What is biophilic office design

As well as bringing plants and greenery into the workplace, biophilic design:

  • maximises the use of natural light which can have a significant impact on energy levels
  • brings colour into the workplace which studies have shown can improve wellbeing
  • provides views of outdoor spaces
  • uses natural materials such as stone and wood to replicate the outdoor environment.
  • makes use of outdoor spaces, seamlessly making them part of the workplace, perhaps with seating and social areas

Eatock Design and Build are office fit out specialists with extensive experience in biophilic office design.

Why adopt a biophilia office design for your business?

Biophilia office design helps businesses by nurturing wellbeing in the workplace. This improves productivity, creativity and collaboration which all boost staff morale. Why? Because we are genetically connected to nature.

According to researchers Bre, “The scientific evidence for the positive influence of biophilic design, on the health and wellbeing of building occupants is substantial and growing. In an office environment this is shown as quantified improvements in productivity, wellness and a reduction in days absent due to illness”.

Our biophilic office design projects

Eatock Design and Build have completed many biophilic office design projects. Here are some examples:

Chancerygate, Warrington

Commercial property developers Chancerygate, wanted to improve the working environment for their teams.

We built a room divider with 13 planters and installed standing plants and ferns, hanging plants and pots throughout the office space and meeting rooms.

Meridian, Manchester

The office refurbishment for recruitment company Meridian was to transform the clinical offices into a vibrant open plan space.

Meridian were particularly keen on the biophilic elements of our designs and opted for shelving and tables with potted plants, oversized planters, and greenery across all rooms. By converting the space into an open plan layout more natural light was brought into the building.

Biophilic elements in office

ECO Surv

Software company ECO Surv wanted an office that would inspire creativity. We designed storage units interspersed with plants to create different zones, and installed standing plants and potted plants in all workspaces and meeting rooms.


What kind of plants are best for an office?

We’d suggest having a range of different plants that are as low maintenance as possible.

How do I maximise natural light in my office?

It’s not just about windows! Your layout needs to make the most of the light that streams in. We’d be happy to conduct a site visit and advise you on this.

Can you do Cat A fit outs?

Yes, we do Cat A, Cat B and dilapidations.

Find out more about how Eatock Design and Build can help with your next project by getting in touch with our team.