Why you need us for expert commercial fit outs

Commercial office design is more important than ever as companies compete to recruit the best candidates and attract lucrative sales from discerning clients.

Office design says much about a company’s culture and priorities. If an office looks tired or clinical with little branding or originality, it sends the message that the company makes little effort to provide an inspirational working environment. This can put people off wanting to work there or deal with the company as a supplier.

Well-designed, fresh, and welcoming offices with unique features and a productive layout, inspires those who use and visit the space to collaborate and embrace commercial opportunities.

Commercial office design services

EDB are specialist in commercial office design services. We deliver office fit outs for CAT A, CAT B and dilapidation projects. Not only do we design the build, but we also source office furniture. Usually, this is supplied by a third party on other office fit out projects.

We believe this unique service of combining office design and furniture as a one-stop shop makes the project less time-consuming for the client.

Also included in the EDB commercial office design services is layout design, lighting, telecoms, utilities, alarm systems, comms, and smart technology.

Branding is an important element of an office fit out. We work with the client to understand their brand and company culture to incorporate the brand into our office designs. This brand identity is then clearly communicated to anyone who uses the building through features such as wall art, fixtures, and signage.

We create future focused workspaces for high-performance teams

The elements that transform an office into a high-performance workspace are unique to each company. Therefore, a bespoke approach to office design is essential. A high-performance team is productive, dynamic, and successful. To facilitate this, the work environment must be inspirational and stimulating.

EDB are specialists in creating future focused workspaces for high-performance teams. We find out from the client what the current workforce needs and what the workforce of the future might look like to create bespoke workspaces that inspire success.

The office fit out process

We visit your site to assess the current setup and find out what you want to achieve for your business. We then discuss your realistic budget.

Next, we develop a fit out proposal that is bespoke to your needs. This includes a start date and timescales for completion. Throughout the project, we are on-site monitoring costs, as well as managing contractors and timelines.

Progress is communicated with you from beginning to end, so you are fully informed and there are no surprises.

Our commercial office design projects

Our commercial office design projects vary in size and style: some are open-plan, and others are more traditional.

We create collaborative areas, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, workstations, kitchens, media suites, branded walls, storage options, and internal modular offices and supply the most suitable and cost-effective furniture.

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