Sano Physiotherapy

"Paul embellished our brief with his own ideas and experience. Everyone is really happy with the space and proud to call it their work home."

The Brief

Sano Physiotherapy’s rapid expansion resulted in the need to open a series of new clinics over a short period of time. We were brought in to refurbish and fit out its new spaces for a number of those clinics, including turning its site in Pudsey, Leeds, into a large office space for its collaborative team.

Project Type - Office refurbishment and fit out

Sector - Healthcare

Project Turnaround - 4 weeks

Project Size - 1500 sq. ft.


The client provided us with a basic brief, allowing us to apply our imagination and experience to turn the space into the high-performing, collaborative office space Sano Physiotherapy desired. Early consultation discussions made it clear to us that its new space had to be special; it needed to be an environment that its team felt proud to travel into and work from five days a week.


To craft a space that could bring the best out of Sano Physiotherapy’s team, we strived to reflect the business’s personality, brand, and values into our plans.

By doing this, we could design a workspace that enhances the company culture it to make the team happier and more productive within the space. From early discussions, it was clear that an open-plan office with a breakout meeting room was the best route to take, as this allowed us to accommodate the team’s sociable, highly communicative approach to work.

Design Process

By embracing an open-plan design, we could give the scheme a spacious and collaborative feel, where team members could quickly and easily communicate within their teams and departments. Therefore, the nature of the design encourages a team-wide approach to all tasks.

To further echo the company culture, branding was to be seamlessly integrated into the entire design. From using company colours to enliven the walls and solidify brand identity in the meeting room with a silver logo mounted onto the wall, we were able to make the scheme feel distinctly theirs. Mugs, mouse mats and a frosted logo found on a glass partition wall added additional branding to the scheme.

One side of the floorplan was split into two rooms by crittall glass partitioning, which allowed us to establish a distinguished meeting room where clients can be welcomed and a spacious breakout area that encourages collaborative working.


We sourced furniture and office equipment to inspire comfort and creativity, with its layout design allowing staff to better communicate with their colleagues. Two banks of desks able to accommodate 12 staff members, giving them their own individual space, whilst feeling like part of a larger team. This was a key element of the client’s design brief.

Power sources on the workstations are mounted into swivelling casing, helping tidy cable management and keeping wires and plugs neatly out of sight when not in use.

We kept the large windows unblemished to maximise the office’s natural light. Opposite to this on the far wall, we provided clean and simple store options. Following our conversations with the team, we knew a tidy and organised space would help the team focus on what they do best.


We were successful in creating an environment that adds greater collaboration to Sano Physiotherapy’s operations – a space that its team is proud to call their ‘work home.’

Matthew Taylor, managing director of Sano Physiotherapy said: “We had a rough brief of what we wanted to achieve, and Paul managed to embellish on that with his own ideas and using his own experience. The office space now is what he created. Everyone is really happy with the space and proud to call their ‘work home’. We are a sociable bunch so it was important to have a space where workers can collaborate and work effectively.”

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