May 17, 2023

Meeting room designs to inspire creativity and success

An office meeting room with a long table and chairs

From wowing clients to creative workshop sessions and vital discussions, the meeting room has long been a key component to the success of a business. Meeting rooms need to look good and deliver versatile functionality. They must be tailored to a business’s operations and equipped to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing business world. […]

Colour for creativity: Colour Psychology in workplace design

A workplace including a desk and coloured branding

Gone are the days of colourless workplaces, rigid, and uniform. Yet, for office designers, there is more methodology behind bringing a splash of colour into a scheme than merely brightening up a space. As employers battle to attract and retain the best talent to drive business in competitive markets, colour can, both consciously and subconsciously, […]

Why we’re proud to support charity and the community

Eatock design & build staff members with footballer Antonia Valencia at the Joseph's Goal Wigan charity match

At EDB, charity and community runs through everything we do. When working on a project for a client, the locality is key to helping support local manufacturers and service providers whilst minimising the impact that project has on the planet. When it comes to charity, that’s no different. We’re proud to invest in local charities […]

Diverse workspaces to support workforce wellbeing

photograph of open office space with a desk to the right and a pool table to the left

The modern workplace isn’t just a place for employees to work through their to-do lists; it must be a diverse workspace inclusive to everyone’s needs. Recent research found that 81% of UK businesses are looking to increase their focus on the mental health of their employees. As such, the role the workplace plays are hugely […]